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Dovve's AO World Map v5.0

What's this all about?
I got tired of not knowing where I was exactly in the world of Rubi-ka. Coordinates are so cumbersome and I wanted an easy way to get my bearings. After flying along all the zone edges and taking readings I was able to put together a map with accurate borders and points of interest. I have found it extremely helpful to date. I hope you do too.

Mirror 1 Download Now! (902k)
Mirror 2 Download Now! (902k)

  • AO Patch 14.4 Compatible
  • Zoomed Out View (Whompas)
  • Zoomed In view (Details)
  • Reworked Zone Boundries
  • Zone Names
  • Supression Indicators
  • Side Indicators
  • Whompa Map
  • Cities and Outposts
  • Grid Access Points
  • Grid Requirements Chart
  • Points of Interest
  • Dungeons
  • Custom Marker Icons
  • Terrain Details
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