NEW! 3rd Party Versions of Dovve's Enhancements
A few talented individuals have taken over where I left off. Their work is well worth seeing as it expands on, modifies and will be more up-to-date with the changing rubi-ka world. Nice work and thank you to all those involved!

Raiko's Map I use this one. =)
Travel to Rubi-Ka's In Game Map Files Excellent replacement maps.
Urshu's Map Modification (Direct Download). Sorry no screenshot available.
DudeSicko's Map Modification
ShadowGod's Map Update
Notum Dovvetech HUD Upgrade (skin) v3.3 (NEW!)

Dovve's AO Enhancements
A replacement GUI for Anarchy Online with a dark and moody high-tech feel. Inspired by the great Omni city of Rome.
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Download Skin (793k) Map not included.


A completely reworked world map for Anarchy Online. All zone borders and places have been remapped to accurately portray their real positions in Rubi-Ka.
View Small Whompa Map Screenshot
View Large Zoom Detail Screenshot
Download Map (934k)

- AO Patch 14.6 Compatible
- Whom-Pah Routes
- Reworked Zone Boundaries
- Zone Names
- Suppression Indicators
- Side Indicators
- Cities and Outposts
- Grid Access Points
- Fixer Grid Exits
- Carbonrich Rock Fields and Qualities
- Grid Requirements Chart
- Labeled Points of Interest
- Dungeons
- Terrain Details

Make your own version of Dovve's Map

As I am rarely on AO anymore (no i didn't sell my account, if you see me it is me) I will not be updating these files, all restrictions have been removed. You are free to modify, distribute, upload, and host these map files to your heart's content. Please leave me a credit and include what you have changed in your read me file. I am sorry that I can no longer be the one to make updates but I hope the AO community will take this and run with it. Have fun! :))

Dovve's Photoshop Master Maps (6.5MB) from USA

I use Dhurdahl's Map Tools to make my maps. Just save out PNG images of the large and small maps straight from my photoshop files and use his tool to convert them. You will need to edit the "PlanetMapIndexNormal.txt" to get the player marker to track properly. Just copy and paste the "Size" and "MapRect" lines from my old file to the new one and you'll be all set.

Make your own version of Dovvetech or a skin of your own

For those interested in making skin files of their own or modifying the one I have made you can use this modified version of the "AOskinner" skin extractor/archiver (14.6 compatible). It is unsupported and takes a little playing with it to learn but it's fairly simple once you get the hang of it. It does tend to "break" when new patches of the game come out and will require some editing of the .vbs file as time goes on. (235k)

If you have an edited version of my map or skin you want showcased, send me a the URL and I'll post the link on this page.

I am very rarely ever actually in AO but you can reach me on "Shiver" in WoW (Hyjal Server)
©2002 Peace Fairchild.